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Factor Red

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Product description

Factor Red is concentrated powder used to enhance the plumage colour of Red Factor Canaries, Red Siskins, Flamingoes and other species of birds that require dietary canthaxanthin to maintain feather colour.

Key Features

  • Contains a minimum 10% Canthaxanthin in concentrated powder form.
  • More cost-effective than pre-diluted liquid preparations.
  • Can be added to drinking water, in soft food or pelleted diets.
  • Directions

    Dissolve in water to make a stock solution, which is then further diluted with drinking water or mixed with soft food.

    To Make Stock Solution

    For 1 Litre of Stock Solution: Add 25g Factor Red powder to 1 litre of  boiling water.

    Add half the water (500ml) to the power first and mix until dissolved. Then add the remaining 500ml of boiling water and mix thoroughly.

    Store stock solution in the refrigerator.

    For Use in Drinking Water

    Supply before and during moult periods. Dilute 50ml of stock solution with 950ml boiling water to make 1 litre of drinking water. Allow to cool, before offering to birds. Make fresh daily.

    For Use in Soft Food

    Feed throughout the year. Add to soft foods such as Passwell Egg & Biscuit and Passwell Finch Soft Food. Thoroughly mix 5ml (1 teaspoon) of stock solution per 100g of soft food offered. Prepare fresh daily.
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Factor Red

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