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Forage Pinecone Bird Treat - Small Bird

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We believe that all birds are instinctive foragers, who naturally spend their time searching and foraging their environment for their nutritional needs.

This activity naturally encourages birds in the wild to interact with their environment, offering stimulation and exercise as well as providing a wholesome and balanced diet.



For our loved domestic birds, we have created a menu that offers stimulation and interaction with their food by allowing them to search for different natural ingredients.

This interaction with the food, or foraging, is not only designed to provide a balanced, healthy and natural food source for our birds, but to also encourage our birds to instinctively behave with their food as they would in the wild.

By using only natural 100% human grade ingredients, including fruit, nuts, seeds, grains and herbs, we have developed a menu that reduces food waste by only using ingredients that are specific to certain species, as well as incorporating foods that are found in nature to assist bird vitality and to optimise bird stimulation.




Sorghum, Corn, Wheat, Grey Stripe Sunflower, Oats, Black Sunflower, Barley, White French Millet, Panorama Millet, Canola Seed, Shirohie Millet, Red Pannicum Millet, Linseed, Canary Seed, Shell Grit, Carrot, Coconut.

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Forage Pinecone Bird Treat - Small Bird

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