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Multi Branch with Toys

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MULTI BRANCHES with TOYS are a step up from multi branches. They consist of a tough java wood multi branch that has toys on at least one of the branches. Toys typically include COLOURED JAVA WOOD PIECES and BAMBOO, LOOFAH, COCONUT SHELL AND HUSK, SEASHELL, CUTTLEFISH, PUMICE, and COB amongst other natural products. These are attached to the branch by TOUGH WOVEN PANDAN REED. Mounting of the branch is achieved via a nickel plated steel attachment assembly at the base end.

Minimal hand crafting, means that the perches retain all their NATURAL features of varying diameters, shapes and angles that a bird needs for foot, leg and general health. NATURAL, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL and FUN all in one. Give your bird a TREAT with the ULTIMATE perch which you can customise with your own toys.

The nickel-plated assembly resists rust and DOES NOT REQUIRE TOOLS. This means that installation, adjustment and maintenance is easily done by hand without the need for tools. 


Delight your feathery friend with natural bird toys!

Parrots make some of the best companions because they love attention and can keep you amused for hours on end. However, they can also be very noisy, competitive, curious and destructive! One of the worst problems with these larger birds is that they can become bored very quickly, which is why they need to be kept busy and entertained all the time. So you will be happy to learn that our Multi Branch with natural bird toys is the solution you need!

Natural bird toys for inquisitive feathery pets – Multi Branch

If you want to introduce some excitement into your bird’s life, then our Multi Branch with toys ticks all the boxes. You can actually just purchase one of our natural Multi Branches for your bird as a perch (without toys), but the product on this page has the addition of toys, which makes all the difference. In fact, the addition of these natural bird toys takes the Multi Branch to a whole new level!

These wonderfully safe bird toys are made from Java wood and each branch has at least one toy to keep your bird busy. These toys give your bird endless hours of fun and include coloured Java wood pieces, bamboo, loofah, coconut shells and husks, seashells, cuttlefish, pumice and cob. All of these are natural toys that are attached to the branches using tough woven pandan reed (also a natural product). The Multi Branch is then attached to its base using a nickel plated steel assembly.

Whether you are looking for small, medium or large bird toys, our Multi Branch with natural bird toys is the perfect choice for your feathery friend. We have two sizes available:

Medium: Branches are 2cm to 4cm in diameter and 25cm to 30cm in length. These are perfect for Cockatiels, Conures and Lorikeets.

Large: Branches are 3cm to 5cm in diameter and 30cm to 40cm in length. These are ideal for larger birds, such as Galahs, African Greys and Macaws.

Designed by nature

Our Multi Branch with natural bird toys is a sustainable product that’s expertly handcrafted. This means that our Multi Branches are not only safe bird toys, but each one is totally unique, so no other bird will have the exact same Multi Branch as your bird. 

It’s also pretty indestructible, because Java is an excellent wood for long term durability. This is a great feature if you have big birds, as it’s super resistant to damage (we know how much damage big parrots can cause when they are excited!). Since these Multi Branches are made from Java wood they are also robust and sturdy, giving your birds a very comfortable and secure perch.

Also the different widths and the natural undulations in the wood allow your bird to safely grip the branches while moving around or perching. Your bird’s claws are also naturally exercised as they trundle along the branches just as if they were moving along a branch in a living tree. So if your parrot is ready for some super exciting fun, then treat them to a Multi Branch with natural bird toys today!

Nino’s Java stocks a wide range of bird toys for sale.


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Multi Branch with Toys

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