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Easy Perch Holder

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The Easy Perch Holder really makes one of the chores of owning a pet parrot really quick and easy.

It is now so quick and simple all you have to do is decide where you want to position the holders, put the holders in position, wind the holding clamp on to the 316 stainless steel bolt until firm, excessive force is not required.

Grab your tape, measure between the two vertical surfaces and minus half a centimetre (or a quarter of a inch for you guys who use imperial) for a loose fit or cut it tight for a snug fit. Cut your perches to your measurements and simply place them in the holders. Job done then watch your parrot chew into your Perches and remove all the bark, which is some of the best enrichment you can give your parrot.

New perches provide both physical and mental stimulation and some even say nutritious as they may find some tasty morsels amongst the bark/wood.

Fresh new perches can also provide a little cushioning on your parrots feet to help prevent or manage bumble foot.

Perches of varying thicknesses also help stimulate your parrots foot muscles and help prevent excessive rubbing if there foot is always curled around a Perch in the same position. So please no dowel perches.

• Small holds up to 38mm diameter perch or 1 1/2 inch perch

•Large olds up to 65mm diameter perches or 2 1/2 inch perch 
• Super tuff polycarbonate plastic 
• 316 stainless steel bolt 
• Can position anywhere in enclosure 
• Just cut Perch to length and place in holders 
• No fixings or screws required 
• Makes changing perches quick and easy 
• Made in Australia 
• Dishwasher safe top shelf 
• Easy to move and reposition 
• Australian Registered Design no. 201816197 

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Easy Perch Holder

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