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Protein Poke

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Formulated to produce composite Protein – an essential nutrient missing from other avian food products

  • Easily digested and suitable for year-round feeding
  • Promotes healthy skin and beautiful feathering 
  • Essential for healthy immune system, increasing longevity
  • Vital for preventing or reversing avian malnutrition or undernutrition
  • Development of good natural enthusiasm, bright eyes and chirpier appearance
  • Produces better breeding results and healthier chicks
  • Full of interesting taste and textures that is appealing to a wide range of birds
  • Contains an integrated blend of 100% Human-Grade quality ingredients
  • Has a compatible germination and growth rate, will grow for 2 to 3 days to reach optimum nutrition
  • We source the best natural ingredients from farmers in Western Australia

Nutritionally-rich Sprouts are a ‘Living Food’ providing

The 6 Essential Nutrients  

Introduce your flock to the superior nutrition of sprouts and watch your birds transform as they receive the benefits only this outstanding super food can provide






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Protein Poke

$14.99 AUD

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